Grip n Rip Tennis Programs - Spring 2024

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Gripper Red Ball Program

Our Gripper Red Ball program is the ideal place to start ages 5 - 7. The Red Ball program is the first in a development progression established by the Unites States Tennis Association. In addition to tennis basics, our Red Ball program develops athletic skills such as balance and coordination Many of our most accomplished players started in the Red Ball program.

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Gripper Development Program (GDP)

Our Gripper Development Program (ages 8 - 15) is a combination fundamental tennis skills development, athletics skills and practice that simulate match play. This is where students begin to combine their tennis skills with the introduction of competitive play. In addition to developing fundamental skills, students learn movement and court positioning, scoring and match procedures/ etiquette. GDP is offered in both regular ball and orange ball formats.

Gripper Competitive Track Program (GCT)

Our GCT program advances each student's fundamental and competitive skills to prepare them for tournament competition. To qualify for GCT, students must have completed the USTA Youth Progression to qualify for Green Dot (10 and under). Must have an established UTR ( 11+). Enrollment requires a commitment to compete in at least 3 UTR or USTA Tournaments in each session. Students must also demonstrate basic fundamental skills (serves, groundstrokes, balance and movement) within the range of technical correctness, according to Grip n Rip skills test standards to qualify.

Ripper Performance Program (RPP)

Our Ripper Performance program advances each student's fundamental and competitive skills to prepare them for tournament competition. In addition to solidifying fundamental skills, students improve athletic movement, court positioning, concentration and fitness. Students are required to have a minimum UTR of 2.0 for enrollment.

Ripper High Performance Program (RHP)

Our Ripper High Performance program is where our most accomplished and competitive players train and practice. The program develops and challenges competitive players for success in USTA Tournaments, and consistently places students into varsity high school programs. Students must have excellent fundamental skills and have a established a minimum UTR ranking of 4.0+ for enrollment.

- Student must be motivated and showing constant competition in UTR, USTA or High School tournaments at least three per month.
- Demonstrate consistent high level effort and maturity, desire to listen, learn, improve. Needs to be focused for the full length of the program.
- UTR 4+ / USTA 1-225 under their age group
- Minimum of 50 registered matches played over last year.
- Committed and investing on private lesson time with our coaches.
- Possess quality stroke production and skills within the range of technical correctness in all areas, including grips, swing/ stroke patterns, footwork & movement.
- Applying students needs to be accepted by the Director of Ripper High Performance In order to enter the program.

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